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More about Ohio Valley Federal Credit Union

A credit union is different from traditional banks. While most financial institutions send profits to outside investors – a credit union returns profits directly to our members in the form of higher earnings on your savings and investments, and lower fees on services.

Ohio Valley Federal Credit Union is a nonprofit financial cooperative, owned and controlled by our members. As a part owner, you have a voice in the decisions and direction of the credit union by electing a volunteer board of directors from among the credit union members. They represent the interests and wishes of all members.

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Personal Service and Flexibility

Because you are, literally, an owner of the credit union, you're never treated as just another account number.

Naturally, we get to know you by name. We also learn about your specific financial needs. We call this approach our "personal touch." Members call it "friendly," and "convenient," and "old-fashioned good business." No matter what you call it … we know you'll like it.

In addition, you receive special benefits of membership. For example, we can offer unique flexibility for our members. If you need a loan for a special purpose, or with customized terms, we can often work something out. Even if we don't have a ready-made financial loan product that fits, we'll do what we can to create one that satisfies your particular need.

Our Mission

The members of Ohio Valley Federal Credit Union are family, friends, and neighbors. We're people helping people. And our first concern is your financial well-being and satisfaction. As a member-owned financial institution, our board of directors, senior management, and staff are committed to:

  • Offering products and services that support our members’ financial needs and goals.
  • Providing low-cost products and services, plus increasing our members’ earnings, while also maintaining the fiscal integrity of the credit union
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with our members.

Once a Member, Always a Member

Once you're a member of the credit union, you're entitled to continue your membership for life – even if you move, or change employers. Furthermore, anyone in your immediate family can also join the credit union. Then anyone in their family can join. And so on.

Of course, our door is always open to members. If you'd like to talk with a Vice President, or even the CEO, you can. Just call, or schedule an appointment, or e-mail them directly. Where else can you get this kind of VIP treatment?

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