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Get Your Teen on the Right Track

Today's teens are spending more money than ever. As a whole, they spend billions, and it's not just at the mall anymore. They're on the phone, they're online, and they're ready to spend. You have fond memories of your first bike, and they'll have fond memories of their first cell phone. But are they financially responsible?

Some Facts:

  • 55% of teens say they work mainly for spending money, not saving.
  • The average credit card balance for a college student last year was $2,237.
  • 1 in 5 college students carries between $3,000 and $7,000 of credit card debt.
  • If a student charges $2,000 on a card with 18.5% interest, and pays a minimum monthly payment, it would take over 11 years to pay off the debt.

Source: Sallie Mae Foundation

Those are just a few reasons why teens need to learn about sound money management now, especially the pitfalls of credit cards. Teens want financial services, and they want some independence, but they need to learn the importance of saving. That's where we can help.

Give Them What They Want

Ohio Valley FCU's Cha-Ching Teen Club™ is the perfect way to educate teens about good spending and saving habits. They'll get solid money management tools that you can supervise, and have some fun with their own personalized web page.

Here's what they get:

Savings and Checking Accounts
Basic money management starts here. These accounts will help them track expenses, spending and saving.

VISA Check Card
Once a Share Draft/Checking Account is established, your teen can enjoy the same convienience as you do. It's safer than carrying cash, and it provides the same acceptance as those pre-paid cards but with no annual fees. Better yet, if they need cash while away from home, you can simply deposit funds in their checking account. We also have a regular ATM Card available.

Online Banking
This is a great way for you and your teenager to manage their accounts. You can review deposits and spending habits anytime.

Telephone Teller
Verify account balances, transactions and more 24 hours a day from any touch-tone phone.

An opportunity to apply for a $1,000 college scholarship during senior year in high school.

Plus, each member's name will be entered into a quarterly drawing to win $25.

Sign Up The Teenager You Care About!
Imagine if you had started an IRA or began investing when you were a teenager! If your teen begins saving and managing money correctly, the long term results will be huge. Call us at 513-724-6098 or stop by the credit union for more information.

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