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Debit/ATM Card or Credit Card?
For Star Cards: 1-800-472-3272
For Visa cards: 1-855-325-0908

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VISA, MasterCard and More...

Ohio Valley Federal Credit Union offers premium credit card, debit card, and ATM card services for our members. Apply for the card (or cards) you want today.

VISA® Credit Card
Request a VISA Credit Card through Ohio Valley Federal Credit Union, and get a lower rate on your charges. Transfer balances from other, higher-interest cards, and start saving money right away. VISA is the world's most honored card, accepted at millions of stores and establishments worldwide. Need cash from a VISA ATM? Click here.

Check Your VISA Balance Online
Now you can check your Ohio Valley VISA credit card balance online. To check it, just have your card ready and click here.

MasterCard® MasterMoney® CheckCard

You'll want an Ohio Valley MasterCard MasterMoney CheckCard (debit card), because it looks like a credit card, and works like a check. Use it like a credit card when you make purchases – but it draws funds directly from your share draft (checking) account. It's easier than writing a check, and is accepted just about anywhere … even when your personal check would not be, such as when travelling. It also provides 24-hour ATM access.


If you aren't requesting an Ohio Valley CheckCard (see above), then be sure to get the Ohio Valley Federal Credit Union STAR ATM Card. The STAR ATM network has over 42,000 ATM machines which are available in all 50 of the United States .Use it for the convenience of cash withdrawals from any ATM in the STAR network, day or night. Transactions are free at Ohio Valley Federal Credit Union ATMs, and at any Alliance One ATMs.

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