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Savings & Investment Accounts

Whether you're saving for a vacation, a home, the holidays, your retirement, or just to build your nest egg … Ohio Valley Federal Credit Union has the savings and investment programs you need. Save at your own pace, or set up monthly automatic balance transfers, or build up your savings with payroll deductions.

Why is it called "Share Savings?" Because the first $5 deposited in our credit union is considered one "share" of ownership. Dividends are calculated and paid per share you own, based on your average daily balance.

In addition, our savings and investment products are designed to earn you the highest interest income available – combined with the safety of a government-insured account.

Regular Share Savings Account
This standard savings account earns you a higher-than-average return on savings, plus offers immediate access to your money any time you want it.

Share Certificates of Deposit
You can commit your deposits for a specific term, and earn a higher return with a certificate of deposit, but with less liquidity. This is a great alternative for funds you won't be needing right away.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
Opening an IRA is a smart way to prepare for retirement. Qualified deposits to an IRA can be deducted from your taxes, and taxes on the earnings are deferred.

Roth IRA
A Roth IRA offers deferred taxes on earnings, but not on contributions. It's advantage is that you can withdraw funds tax-free in the future for medical expenses, education, your retirement, etc.

Education IRA
An Education IRA also defers taxes on earnings, and not on contributions. This is ideal when you are planning on supporting a child's education, and want to accumulate earnings tax-free … plus use funds from the account for future education tax free and penalty free.

Holiday Share Savings Plan
This savings program helps you get ready for the holidays all year long. You can request payroll deductions, or automatic transfers from checking, and have the cash you need, making the holidays all the merrier.

Vacation Share Savings Plan
Here's a savings program that'll take you places. Plan now for next year's dream vacation. Save a little each month with automatic transfers from checking or payroll deductions to reach your goal, and enjoy your trip all the more.

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